Kentucky Scrap Metal Prices - USA

Selling Scrap in Kentucky

Kentucky is a Southeastern state also known as the Bluegrass State. It's very diverse - being known for the world's longest cave system, but at the same time having a very diverse culture as well as a long history of settlements. If you're living in this state you know this is a state of hard workers - lots of manufacturing and a can-do mentality. Lots of people looking to make some extra cash and scrap metal is in demand here and will generate good money.

Before starting your career in selling scrap metals it is hugely important to know what laws and regulations you must comply with. So many beginners that we have worked with underestimate the complexity of the regulations that they must follow and end up not being able to make a sale or being shocked at having to wait for a payment by check.

Kentucky has some laws that are great for fighting scrap metal theft but are not too invasive. We have been through all the details and summarized everything you need to know before leaving the house.

First thing to note is that all Kentucky scrap yards are required to keep records of all transactions for at least two years. So do not forget your ID or you will not be able to complete the transaction. In their records, the scrap yard will keep a copy of your ID, video footage of the whole transaction, your picture at the time of sale and photographs and description of the vehicle that you arrive in. Once a transaction is complete a scrap yard is required to keep all material for at least 3 days before processing it. This is another layer of defense against theft in the scrap metal industry.

Now the you know the basic laws let's take a look at the scrap yards in Kentucky. Let us start with Kentucky's largest city, Louisville. From our research the scrap yards that we recommend are: Isa Recycling LLC and River Metals Recycling. These have the best service and best scrap metal prices.

Next we took a look at Lexington. Our research showed that the most reliable scrap yards are: Baker Iron & Metal Co and Blue Grass Auto Parts Inc. For those from Bowling Green, Owensboro or any where else in Kentucky contact us for more info on the best scrap yards.

Scrap Metal Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum Alloy$1.15

Last Updated On 2024-07-19

Scrap Aluminum Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Aluminum 1100$0.68
Aluminum 3003$0.68
Aluminum 356 Wheels (clean)$0.68
Aluminum 356 Wheels (dirty)$0.48
Aluminum 5052 Scrap$0.92
Aluminum 6061 Extrusions$0.60
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions$0.80
Aluminum 6063 Extrusions/Fe$0.58
Aluminum/Cu Radiators$1.60
Aluminum/Cu/Fe Radiators$1.48
Aluminum Radiators$0.38
Aluminum/Fe Radiators$0.29
Breakage 50% Recovery$0.22
Chrome Wheels$0.64
E.C. Wire$1.05
Litho Sheets$0.68
Mixed Turnings $0.39
MLC Clips$0.67
Aluminum Old Cast$0.65
Aluminum Old Sheet$0.64
Painted Siding$0.63
Zorba 90% NF$0.64
Aluminum Cans (clean)$0.49
Aluminum Cans (dirty)$0.25

Scrap Brass Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Red Brass$2.04
Yellow Brass$1.92
Brass Rod$1.87
Brass Hair Wire$2.01
Brass Pipe$1.83
Brass Radiators$1.55
Brass Shells$1.73
Brass Turnings$1.76
Bronze Turnings$1.10
Dirty Brass$0.91
Dirty Brass Radiators$0.91
Plumbers Brass$1.83
Semi-Red Brass$1.85

Scrap Copper Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire$3.46
#1 Copper Tubing$3.23
#1 Flashing Copper$3.23
#2 Copper Tubing$3.04
#2/3 Mix Copper$2.95
#3 Copper with Tar$2.76
#3 Roofing Copper$2.86
Dirty Roofing Copper$2.67
Electric Motors - Copper$2.40
Enameled Copper$2.72
Insulated Copper Wire$2.76
Lead Coated Copper$2.33
Silver Plated Copper$2.95
Tin Coated Copper$2.58
Tin Insulated Copper Wire$2.58

Scrap Lead Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Lead Batteries$0.19
Lead Shot$0.43
Lead Wheel Weights$0.27
Solid Lead$0.57
Soft Lead$0.59

Scrap Zinc Prices per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
New Zinc Die Cast$0.72
Old Zinc Die Cast$0.62

Scrap Gold Prices

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold$26.84$834.82
14ct Gold$41.87$1,302.28
18ct Gold$53.68$1,669.60
22ct Gold$65.56$2,039.13
24ct Gold$71.57$2,225.93

In the table above you'll find today's scrap gold price for the different purities of gold. Scrap gold prices (as well as scrap prices for other precious metals) are usually set in troy ounces.
One troy ounce (Oz) is equal to around 31.1 grams.

Scrap Prices for other Precious Metals

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce

Above are today's scrap prices for silver, palladium and platinum.

Scrap Prices for Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
#1 Bundle$0.09
#1 Busheling$0.09
#1 HMS$0.07
HMS 80/20$0.05
Sheet Metal$0.05
Shredded Auto Scrap$0.07
Structural Steel$0.07

Scrap Prices for Stainless Steel per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
201 SS$0.27
301 SS$0.40
304 SS Solid$0.57
304 SS Turning$0.50
309 SS$0.75
310 SS$1.13
316 SS Solid$0.75
330 SS$1.85

Above are today's prices for stainless steel. Stainless steel is very much in demand currently due to it's use in construction.

Scrap Prices for other Ferrous Metals per Pound

MetalPrice Per Pound
Scrap #1 Prepared$0.07
Scrap #2 Prepared$0.08
Scrap #1 Unprepared$0.05
Scrap #2 Unprepared$0.06
Scrap Auto Slabs Whole$0.06
Scrap Cast Iron$0.09
Scrap Dishwashers$0.06
Scrap Dryers$0.06
Scrap Oversize Torch$0.09
Scrap Rebar$0.19
Scrap Washing Machines$0.06
Scrap Water Heaters$0.06

Scrap Electronics Prices per Pound

ElectronicsPrice Per Pound
Scrap Back PanelsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Cellphones
Scrap Computer Wire
Scrap CPU Chips
Scrap CRT Monitors
Scrap Empty PC Servers
Scrap Graphics Cards
Scrap Hard DrivesContact local scrap yard
Scrap Hard Drive Boards
Scrap Laptops
Scrap LCD Monitors
Scrap Low Grade Boards
Scrap Mainframes
Scrap Memory
Scrap Mice
Scrap MotherboardsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Non-Green PC Boards
Scrap PC Boards
Scrap PC Tower
Scrap Power Supplies
Scrap Printers/Fax Machines
Scrap Servers
Scrap Speakers
Scrap Telecom EquipmentContact local scrap yard