Newcastle upon Tyne Scrap Metal Prices - UK

Selling Scrap in Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is the jewel of the north and home to over 300,000 people. Like many of the major cities in the UK it has seen huge growth in the number of people getting involved in buying and selling scrap metal. Newcastle has two of the strongest indicators of a shriving scrap metal industry, which are an industrial history and a booming retail industry. Newcastle was a world leader in coal mining, ship building and manufacturing. Retail has been on the rise in newcastle over the past decade. A booming retail industry fuels consumption which in turn influences the amount of that people throw away.

Our team has been working with people in the scrap metal industry for decades and we are here to help you get started! There are three main things that you must know. Firstly, the laws that govern the the buying and selling of scrap metal in the UK, which we have summarised below.

Secondly, be aware of the value of you material. Below you will find the must current prices in the Newcastle area. Finally, it is important to be aware of the best scrap yards in your area. Our research has found that Jebb metals Newcastle and Ward Bros Steel to be the best two scrap yards in Newcastle.

Scrap Metal Prices per Kilogram

MetalPrice Per Kilo
Aluminium Alloy£1.51
Steel Scrap£0.35
Steel Rebar£0.55

Last Updated On 2021-05-17

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices per Kilogram

MetalPrice Per Kilogram
Scrap #1 Bare Bright Copper WireGBP0.18
Scrap #1 Copper TubingGBP0.71
Scrap #1 Flashing CopperGBP0.78
Scrap #2 Copper TubingGBP0.11
Scrap #2/3 Mix CopperGBP0.69
Scrap #3 Copper with TarGBP0.76
Scrap #3 Roofing CopperGBP0.44
Scrap Aluminium CansGBP0.2
Scrap Aluminium Copper RadiatorsGBP0.68
Scrap Aluminium SidingGBP0.85
Scrap Aluminium ExtrusionGBP0.08
Scrap Aluminium Extrusion w/ AttachmentsGBP0.58
Scrap Aluminium ThermopaneGBP0.82
Scrap Aluminium Copper CutoffsGBP0.18
Scrap Aluminium 6061GBP0.08
Scrap Aluminium 6063GBP0.91
Scrap Aluminium New CastGBP0.21
Scrap Aluminium Old CastGBP0.28
Scrap Aluminium Old SheetGBP0.54
Scrap Aluminium Wheels CleanGBP0.27
Scrap Aluminium Wheels w/ AttachmentsGBP0.41
Scrap Aluminium TurningsGBP0.18
Scrap Aluminium BreakageGBP0.25
Scrap Aluminium ShavingsGBP0.47
Scrap Aluminium BoatGBP0.52
Scrap Aluminium BumpersGBP0.16
Scrap Aluminium ClipsGBP0.99
Scrap Aluminium Copper CoilGBP0.57
Scrap Aluminium Diesel TankGBP0.53
Scrap Aluminium Engine BlockGBP0.68
Scrap Aluminium LithoGBP0.96
Scrap Aluminium RadiatorsGBP0.73
Scrap Aluminium RimsGBP0.36
Scrap Aluminium WireGBP0.65
Scrap Aluminium TransformersGBP0.78
Scrap BallastsGBP0.09
Scrap Brass (Red)GBP0.3
Scrap Brass (Yellow)GBP0.82
Scrap Brass RodGBP0.26
Scrap Brass Hair WireGBP0.39
Scrap Brass PipeGBP0.97
Scrap Brass RadiatorsGBP0.95
Scrap Brass ShellsGBP0.64
Scrap Brass TurningsGBP0.24
Scrap BronzeGBP0.97
Scrap Bronze TurningsGBP0.53
Scrap Car/Truck BatteriesGBP0.67
Scrap Catalytic ConvertersGBP0.98
Scrap Christmas LightsGBP0.7
Scrap Cast AluminiumGBP0.61
Scrap CarbideGBP0.49
Scrap CATV WireGBP0.6
Scrap Circuit BreakersGBP0.45
Scrap CobaltGBP0.49
Scrap Communications WireGBP0.23
Scrap CompressorsGBP0.63
Scrap Clean ACRGBP0.51
Scrap Clean Aluminium WireGBP0.4
Scrap Dirty ACRGBP0.45
Scrap Dirty Aluminium ExtrusionGBP0.65
Scrap Dirty Aluminium RadiatorsGBP0.27
Scrap Dirty Aluminium TurningsGBP0.21
Scrap Dirty BrassGBP0.63
Scrap Dirty Brass RadiatorsGBP0.74
Scrap Dirty Roofing CopperGBP0.47
Scrap Double Insulated CableGBP0.53
Scrap EC WireGBP0.25
Scrap Electric Motors - AluminiumGBP0.86
Scrap Electric Motors - CopperGBP0.43
Scrap Elevator WireGBP0.52
Scrap Enameled CopperGBP0.43
Scrap Forktruck BatteryGBP0.28
Scrap F 75GBP0.59
Scrap Fire WireGBP0.74
Scrap GoldGBP0.11
Scrap Hastelloy SolidsGBP0.88
Scrap Hastelloy TurningsGBP0.68
Scrap Heliax WireGBP0.4
Scrap InconelGBP0.67
Scrap Inconel 792GBP0.37
Scrap Inconel 800GBP0.82
Scrap Inconel 825GBP0.57
Scrap Insulated Aluminium WireGBP0.13
Scrap Insulated Copper WireGBP0.22
Scrap Insulated Steel BXGBP0.65
Scrap Lead BatteriesGBP0.48
Scrap Lead Coated CopperGBP0.12
Scrap Lead ShotGBP0.83
Scrap Lead Wheel WeightsGBP0.62
Scrap MarM247GBP0.12
Scrap MonelGBP0.95
Scrap NickelGBP0.42
Scrap Non Magnetic Stainless SteelGBP0.67
Scrap Painted AluminiumGBP0.67
Scrap Plumbers BrassGBP0.7
Scrap Prepared AluminiumGBP0.66
Scrap PewterGBP0.82
Scrap PlatinumGBP0.43
Scrap Romex WireGBP0.22
Scrap Sealed UnitsGBP0.88
Scrap Silver Plated CopperGBP0.46
Scrap Semi-Red BrassGBP0.63
Scrap SilverGBP0.42
Scrap Solid Core HeliaxGBP0.76
Scrap Stainless SteelGBP0.99
Scrap Stainless Steel HeatsinksGBP0.87
Scrap Stainless Steel SinksGBP0.33
Scrap Stainless TurningsGBP0.66
Scrap StartersGBP0.11
Scrap Steel Case BatteriesGBP0.3
Scrap THHN WireGBP0.47
Scrap Tin Coated CopperGBP0.22
Scrap Tin Insulated Copper WireGBP0.82
Scrap Titanium 6-4 ClipsGBP0.62
Scrap T-1,4,5,15GBP0.27
Scrap Tantalum (Air-Vac melt)GBP0.85
Scrap TungstenGBP0.17
Scrap Tungsten CarbideGBP0.99
Scrap Wiring HarnessGBP0.29

Scrap Gold Prices

In the table below you'll find today's scrap gold price for the different purities of gold.

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce
9ct Gold£15.24£473.99
14ct Gold£23.77£739.39
18ct Gold£30.48£947.94
22ct Gold£37.22£1,157.76
24ct Gold£40.63£1,263.80

Scrap Prices for other Precious Metals

Below are today's scrap prices for silver, palladium and platinum.

MetalPrice per GramPrice per Troy Ounce

Precious metal prices are usually set in troy ounces. One troy ounce (Oz) is equal to around 31.1 grams.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices per Kilogram

MetalPrice Per Kilogram
Scrap #1 PreparedGBP0.9
Scrap #2 PreparedGBP0.53
Scrap #1 UnpreparedGBP0.34
Scrap #2 UnpreparedGBP0.16
Scrap Auto Slabs WholeGBP0.36
Scrap BushelingGBP0.98
Scrap Cast IronGBP0.47
Scrap DishwashersGBP0.53
Scrap DryersGBP0.84
Scrap Oversize TorchGBP0.76
Scrap RebarGBP0.2
Scrap Washing MachinesGBP0.92
Scrap Water HeatersGBP0.61

Scrap Electronics Prices per Kilogram

ElectronicsPrice Per Kilogram
Scrap Back PanelsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Cellphones
Scrap Computer Wire
Scrap CPU Chips
Scrap CRT Monitors
Scrap Empty PC Servers
Scrap Graphics Cards
Scrap Hard DrivesContact local scrap yard
Scrap Hard Drive Boards
Scrap Laptops
Scrap LCD Monitors
Scrap Low Grade Boards
Scrap Mainframes
Scrap Memory
Scrap Mice
Scrap MotherboardsContact local scrap yard
Scrap Non-Green PC Boards
Scrap PC Boards
Scrap PC Tower
Scrap Power Supplies
Scrap Printers/Fax Machines
Scrap Servers
Scrap Speakers
Scrap Telecom EquipmentContact local scrap yard